l'enherbement naturel maitrisé l'enherbement naturel maitrisé
l'enherbement naturel maitrisé

In 2011, Olivier and Emanuel Chéty have decided to convert to Organic Farming. Even if it was a challenge for them but their aim was to improve the quality of their wine. Furthermore, their aim was to respect the grapevine and theterroir. The two brothers do not conceive the organic farming as a way of “Surfing the ecological wave” but as a long term investment that needs a lot of energy and hard work.

Organic farming comes with-in the context of the environmental respect and the return to a more reasoned culture. This approach passes notably by the suppression of synthetic chemical products. For what concerns the terroir, the meteorological variations are mostly used to take the right actions for the vineyard’s function of the different parameters. And now we are advancing more and more for the biodynamic work while depending on the moon phase calendar.

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