Château Haut Colombier

Blaye Côtes De Bordeaux


Winemakers for five generations,“Le Château Haut Colombier” was founded by the Chéty family in 1991. It is situated between two of the highest hills in Blaye, where you can admire an astonishing sunset view of the Gironde’s estuary.

Olivier and Emanuel Chéty have decided to follow their father’s footsteps, Jean, a winemaker and a viticulture professor and work together to bring the dynamism and the sense of enterprising into the family property of 40 hectares.

In 2011, the Chéty family took a big decision which is to convert their wine exploitation into organic farming. And in 2014, they had the first organic vintage.

Here, winemakingis seen as an adventure. The two brothers, Olivier and Emanuel, are worthy heirs to a long family heritage. But this doesn’t prevent them from promoting for the best and not bendingunder the weight of the tradition. As curious tasters of everything, they are always aiming for the best quality.

In the Chéty Family, they do not claim any label other than quality, both in the vineyard as in the winery.

img Château Haut-Colombier vu du cielimg Grappe de sauvignon grisimg Arc en cielimg Floraison de la vigneimg Limg Chai du château